What’s Unique about Mustful Strategic Consulting

I will give you personalized attention through every step of the strategic planning process. And, once we have a plan in place, I will help you follow through on the action steps we’ve created. Mustful Strategic Consulting is not just another big company offering big promises and then leaving when the project is done. I am committed to seeing you succeed and making sure you have the tools and resources needed to continue to thrive. 

Strategic Planning Service Offerings

Clarifying Organizational Mandates – We will review the legal mandates and expectations of stakeholders that create public value and provide legitimacy to your organization. This step should include a stakeholder analysis and review or creation of your mission statement. 

Assessing the environment – We will examine your organization’s internal and external environments in which the organization operates through staff and volunteer surveys, community surveys, and a SWOT analysis.

Strategic Issue Identification – We will identify the fundamental policy questions or challenges affecting your organization’s mission.  

Formulating Strategies – We will formulate and adopt strategies and plans to manage the strategic issues.

Implementing Strategies – We will create an action plan to track measurable outcomes, methods of communication and accountability, resource requirements, and other measures to guide progress toward strategic goals.

Other Service Offerings:

Developing an Initial Agreement – I will help leaders create and implement an agreement among organizational stakeholders to make a plan for planning. 

Seeking Grant Funding – I will help organizations find and write appropriate grants to cover the expenses of strategic planning. 

Follow-up – I will conduct periodic visits with organizational leaders to review implemented policies and strategies to ensure plans are being carried out effectively and make necessary adjustments.  

Please contact me for a free initial consultation and information on pricing. Services are available in Bemidji and all of Northern Minnesota. Click Here to Email Me!

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